Anne Frank and the Blind Minister by Anthony Salvador

Dubious political ethics and attitudes to disability are the themes of this political farce, the final play of the 2012 season.

Anthony, who had been very much looking forward to the reading of his work, had this to say at the end of the evening:

I found the whole experience an encouraging and welcoming one. The best bit, however, was the post rehearsal discussion. Many of the points made, especially the more technical ones, I will incorporate into the final rewrite of the play. There is a clear sense that a quiet revolution is taking place at the Little Theatre. I hope that you are successful.

Bob Ballantine of Dundee Playwrights Workshop added:

As we expected, Anthony’s play, as well as being entertaining,  provoked an intelligent and lively discussion amongst the audience over the issues raised. We are happy to have succeeded in presenting such a wide variety of drama by local writers during this short season.

 Kathleen Mochan of Dundee Dramatic Society also commented:

This has been a very valuable pilot exercise and the workshop sessions have been thoroughly enjoyed by everyone participating. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this programme such a success.

Anthony Salvador

Born in London, Anthony grew up in Spain where he graduated in Law before returning to the UK. He has written a number of plays, and his first feature-length play, Hollow Earth, was premiered in 2011 by the Joot Theatre Company, here in Dundee. His first Spanish novel is due for publication shortly.